Bedbugs not a problem - says Boone Co Library

By Roger Seay – email | twitter | facebook

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - Since discovering one bedbug almost a year ago the Boone County Library says they have taken a proactive stance to fight any infestation.

The bug was found when a staff member was visually inspecting returned books and other material to the library.  A professional bedbug detecting dog was brought into all Boone County Library facilities to identify any problem areas.  The materials in the areas that were identified by the dog were removed, inspected and treated.

All books from suspect areas were treated by baking them in an oven, which was specially purchased for this use, at 150 degrees for an hour. The baked books were inspected and new book covers placed on them.

During the inspection 2 more bedbugs were discovered but the library says the Health Department was not concerned because of the low number of bugs.

The shelves in suspect areas were wiped down with alcohol as well.

Boone County says they continue to be proactive in keeping the library safe and bug free.  They conduct quarterly inspections of all the library facilities and continue to inspect all returned materials.

The last quarterly inspection of all the Boone County Library branches found no evidence of bedbugs.  The staff did find bedbugs in a bag of donated books which were then discarded.

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