Nurses Caution Backpack Safety for Back to School Kids

GRANTS LICK, KY (FOX19)---School Nurse Sandy Bunting has a few words of caution for parents about backpack safety for elementary school kids.

"I think one of the things that's real important is that went you buy your child a backpack, buy one that really fits their body," says Bunting.

Bunting says she often sees kids struggling with backpacks that are too heavy and don't fit. That can lead to back problems.

Bunting advises parents to get their kids to wear the backpack on both shoulders, and not one.

"I think it's the style, it's the cool way to wear to carry the backpack, but it's not distributing that weight evenly," say Bunting.

The American Chiropractic Association says since 2001, heavy backpacks have been the cause of more then 7 thousand emergency room visits for US school kids.

Sandy Bunting says a lot of that can be preventable.

"You know, the backpacks designed where it should still be able to zip.So you know, if you can't zip it, you have way too much in it probably, for what the straps and things are designed to hold. So I think they would just want to put the books in the so that they fit in their comfortably, and certainly not be carrying around things they don't need," says Bunting.

Some good advice that can go a long way.