Murder suspect will be sent back to Michigan

Nolan Ray George (Source: Butler County Sheriff's Office)
Nolan Ray George (Source: Butler County Sheriff's Office)

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - A man who was arrested in Butler County for a murder in Michigan is being sent back to the state.

Nolan Ray George, 67, is wanted for the murder of Gwendolyn Perry in 1968.

"Nolan Ray George is a horrific killer, he has a string of victims from Kentucky through Ohio and Michigan," said Det. Frank Smith of The Butler County Sheriff's Office.

Judge Patricia Oney of Butler County Common Pleas Court outside Cincinnati on Monday ordered 67-year-old Nolan Ray George transported to Oakland County, Michigan. He is wanted there on a warrant charging him with strangling a woman with her pantyhose in 1968 in Pontiac in suburban Detroit.

"He's a person who has been able to achieve getting the younger women that he's met in various locations - drinking establishments, drug stores or grocery stores, get them in his confidence," Smith said.

George spent 12 years in Michigan prisons on a second-degree murder conviction in the 1968 death of another woman. He later moved to Ohio, where he was convicted of manslaughter in a woman's 1982 death.

Police in Ohio and Michigan are reviewing similar cold case homicides.

George was arrested in Middletown in July. He was being held in Butler County Jail until his extradition hearing Monday morning.

George will now go back to Michigan to face murder charges.

"I consider him to be an extremely dangerous individual, he is a serial killer, when you try to tally all these up, we're looking at around eight victims," Smith said.

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