Flynt feud escalates over proposed 2nd Hustler store downtown

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It's a battle of two notorious brothers who are fighting over the family's "Hustler" brand and locking horns over a proposed second store downtown.

"He's trying to open a store in Cincinnati, trying to put me out of business and squeeze me out," Jimmy Flynt said in a phone interview, claiming his famous sibling Larry Flynt is trying to squeeze him out of business.

Jimmy has owned and operated the Hustler store on Elm near 4th Street for the past decade.

But now Flynt says his brother Larry is trying to bury him financially by opening-up another Hustler or Hustler-type store just a few blocks away at 1618 East 7th Street.

The brothers have been in business together as partners for 40 years. Jimmy said his brother has been going after him for the past year, trying to push him out of the family business.

Flynt said he has a malpractice suit going in Hamilton County right now, centering around a conflict over attorneys they've shared over the years.

Plus, there is also a trademark case over use of the Hustler brand name, which Jimmy said he has owned since day one.

"My brother," Jimmy Flynt said. "He falls sickness to his demons from time to time and right now he's going through a troubled time I guess and just trying to squeeze me out of the company, he and his lawyers, which are also my lawyers."

"Those lawyers that represented us both down through the years are now siding with him and going after me," Flynt said.

So is there room enough in downtown Cincinnati for two Flynt brothers? We will soon find out. Calls to Larry Flynt have not yet been returned.

Jimmy said he's not worried. He said he is trying to deal with all of this legally best as he can. He'll be in town Monday, August 31 for a court appearance over the trademark case.

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