Patient Comments

"The first day Ally and I came to visit Lindner Center of HOPE, all I could do was cry because of all the thought and care that went into the Center. As a mother with a child with a mental illness it was horrible to have her admitted for treatment. This time when she was admitted for treatment at Lindner Center of HOPE it was of course difficult, but it was so much easier. Everyone on the unit was so kind to Ally and our family. Ally loved having her own room and everyone went out of their way to help her."

Ally's mother, Julia

"The whole staff has been absolutely fantastic. I wish I could come up with more adjectives. It's the people that make the place what it is – make it successful – the caring, the gentleness, the kindness, the knowledge. Thank you all so much."


"Thank you for helping in Gunner's recovery. Without you I am not sure what direction he would have gone in. You are all very special. Please remember every day you come to work, you make a difference in somebody's life."


"My patient who made it into Lindner had a wonderful experience. The family was very positive about the level of attention they got.

And I have to tell you I was very impressed that Dr. Edwards called me and we were able to speak about the patient and he followed through with my concerns. It worked out really well and he gave me some follow up as well.

So thank you for the Lindner Center. I am optimistic that you guys are going to be providing for the community what we really have been lacking."

Elizabeth Cottingham, MD  (September 29, 2008)

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