Warren County health dept. inspecting restaurants for recalled eggs

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - Officials at the Warren County Health Department spent the day investigating eight Asian food restaurants in the county, that could have received contaminated eggs.

"At this time they are the Warren County Health Department's eggs, until we determine that they're safe to use,"  said Carrie Yeager of the Warren County Health Department.
Yeager is taLking about eggs from a Chinese restaurant in Lebanon -- it's just one of eight restaurants in Warren County all tied to the same food distributor in Indianapolis, that shipped eggs contaminated with Salmonella.
"We received a communication from the state of Indiana, that some of the facilities in Louisville, Cincinnati areas, had received some of the Salmonella contaminated eggs," Yeager said.
Health inspectors are targeting Asian restaurants to ensure the language barrier doesn't interfere with following recall guidelines, the county only has one confirmed case of Salmonella, but they can't say if it's related to the recalled eggs.
"We have gone out to all of our Asian restaurants that were on that list, to make sure that they receive the information that they may have received the contaminated eggs," Yeager said.
Despite the inspections, patrons say it won't stop them dining on their favorite Asian cuisine.
"I eat here a couple times a week, two or three times a month, it depends on what my stomach say let's go eat Chinese, or whatever, it doesn't really bother me," said Mike O'Hair, who frequents one of the affected restaurants.
And health inspectors agree that people shouldn't stop eating out, as long as they make sure their eggs are cooked thoroughly.
"The eggs could be out there, just remember to cook them, don't eat them raw, don't eat them under cooked," Yeager said.
The health department says they've already ruled out three of those eight restaurants.
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