Notice Goes to Owner of Ohio Killer Bear

COLUMBIA STATION, Ohio (AP) - A lawyer says an eviction notice

has been served on the owner of a bear that killed its caretaker in

northeast Ohio.

A lawyer for property owner William Arroyo says Sam Mazzola was

notified Thursday that he has to move unless he gets insurance by

Sept. 27 to cover accidents involving his exotic animals.

Authorities said Mazzola had bears, wolves and possibly a lion and

three or four tigers at the property.

A bear owned by Mazzola killed 24-year-old Brent Kandra on Aug.

19 during feeding. It has since been euthanized.

Attorney Brian Kraig says Arroyo bought Mazzola's property

southwest of Cleveland in March and was having problems with

Mazzola over unpaid rent and lack of insurance before. Kraig says

Mazzola has 30 days to appeal the notice.

There was no telephone listing for Mazzola.