Nearly two dozen graves unearthed during Washington Park renovation

OVER THE RHINE, OH (AP) - Excavation work for the planned redevelopment of a Cincinnati park has been uncovering graves and remains from the early 1800s.

Officials say 23 grave shafts - 15 containing remains - have been found so far in Washington Park. The park had been the site of cemeteries in the early 19th century.

The work is for an overhaul of the Over-the-Rhine area park that will include a parking garage with below-surface ramps.

Archaeological work is being done now to extract and preserve human remains. They will be reburied at Spring Grove Cemetery after a team of experts examines them to learn more about the biology of the city's early residents.

Hamilton County's coroner was in the park last week to observe the digging and gave his OK for it to continue.

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