Governor proclaims Campus Fire Safety Month

By Mark Shuller - Email

LEXINGTON, KY. (FOX 19) – As college students settle into dormitories, residence halls and off-campus housing across the state, Gov. Steve Beshear has proclaimed September as Campus Fire Safety Month in Kentucky.

"It's vitally important that we educate our students to take the threat of fire seriously," said Beshear. "Awareness, education and enforcement of safety and security measures are keys to keeping our young adults safe."

The gubernatorial proclamation was read today at a meeting of college and university fire officials from across the state who were gathered on the campus of the University of Kentucky. Colmon Eldridge, executive director of the Office of Faith-based Initiatives and Community Involvement, read the proclamation and praised those in attendance for spreading the word about fire safety.

"Creating awareness and educating our college students who live both on and off campus is an important task. I commend our schools' fire and safety officers who dedicate their lives to keeping our kids safe."

UK Fire Marshal Greg Williamson said, "The University of Kentucky would like to thank Gov. Beshear for proclaiming September Campus Fire Safety Month. College fire officials throughout the state strive everyday to educate our students, faculty and staff about the dangers of a fire situation and fire prevention. Campus Fire Safety Month gives every fire official the forum in which to spread the message of "Get Out and Stay Alive."

Additional information on campus fire safety is available online at