Mom delivers baby in car on way to hospital - again

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP (FOX19) - At Mercy Hospital Anderson, Suite 344 is where this story ends, but it is definitely not where this story began.

Suite 344 is where the new Schuler baby spent his first night of life but he almost didn't make it here.

His mother delivered him in the family SUV on the way to the hospital around 4 a.m. on Tuesday morning

"We were just on 5 Mile (Road), right around the corner, when I delivered," said Christina Schuler.

Christina and her husband had thought they would make it to the hospital from their Bethel home. But the child was on his own schedule.

Husband Nathan said it was a frantic car ride that ended with the baby boy's birth on the floor of the car as he drove.

"I just remember hearing this gush and then this pain, of you know, well, she was screaming and then after she had the baby, it's like, oh, is everything ok and then everything just calmed down," said Nathan.

Perhaps these parents are a little nonchalant about it because this yet to be named baby is their third child. And he's the second of their children born in the car as they drove to the hospital. All of their kids were born healthy.

"Well, I guess that's alright, it's better than having, you know, complications," says Christina.

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