Students taken to hospital after taking another student's pills

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Four Kings High School students fell ill Thursday morning after taking another student's prescription pills.

"We were looking out the window and we just kept seeing, ambulances, fire trucks, the fire chief, just kept showing up and  we just started wondering what was going on," said Kings High senior, Kenny Palmer.

Kings High School officials say four students - two male seniors, one male sophomore and one female sophomore - were taken to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Liberty Campus complaining of dizziness and confusion.

"People were saying that someone overdosed on something," said Kings High junior Seth Ficke.

School officials say a male sophomore brought his prescription medication to school and distributed it to a male senior on the bus. That senior then took a pill and distributed some pills to four other students. One of the students threw away the pills he was given. Those pills were recovered by school administrators.

The students' names and conditions have not been released. It's unclear what pills they took were for.

The student who brought the pills on the bus was arrested. The Warren County Sheriff's Department says charges are likely to be filed on two other students.

Shortly after the students were transported to the hospital, the Sheriff brought drug dogs to Kings High School. 911 calls indicate the pills might have been Adderall, but deputies, nor district officials would confirm that.

School officials say sale, distribution, possession, use of or having consumed drugs, anabolic steroids, alcohol, controlled substances, inhalants or counterfeit drugs is classified as a category 5 offense in the student handbook code of conduct. The consequence for violating this rule is 10 days out of school suspension with a recommendation for expulsion.

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