Local leaders discuss city's bed bug problem

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) – State Representative Dale Mallory and a special task force continued to search for ways to squash Cincinnati's bed bug epidemic during a special meeting on Friday.

Varying statistics rank Cincinnati as the beg bug capital; other numbers say the Queen City ranks at fourth. Health inspectors and experts say it's hard to tell exactly where the city is, but there is no doubt it's a major problem.

"We need funding, it's time to solve this problem," said Mallory.

Some citizens with bed bugs have been trying to take care of the problem themselves, but that's not the way to get rid of them. Mallory and bed bug experts say don't use green and white alcohol; don't just spray insecticides with no purpose. One expert called the bugs hitchhikers.

The problem is so bad in Cincinnati that this bed bug task force formed three years ago, yet the problem continues.  City and state officials say they need funding to eliminate this growing problem.

No direct actions were taken in Friday's meeting, but the conversation continues.

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