Best viewing for fireworks on the Serpentine Wall

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It took people only minutes in some cases, to exit Yeatman's Cove, but some folks invested 48 hours of sitting and waiting to get that coveted spot, front and center, for the best seat in the house, along The Serpentine Wall. To get the best seats in the house you gotta grab a spot on the wall early.

"I got here about 5:30 this morning," said Crystal Hillard. "The rules normally are long as you have a tarp down or a cover down they can't pick it up, if you have tape up or chalk they could just park there."

"Do you find that the honor system works here?," we asked Beth Keil. "yeah," she said. "I don't think you mess with the wall, I think when you're on the wall this is sacred."

This is not the Keil family's first time to the fireworks, but it was their first foray onto the wall.

"How'd you get such a good seat?," we asked. "We got here early," Ryan Keil said. "You didn't have to make a fist and say hey that's mine man, get out of my way!," we asked. "no," he giggled.

Some people had marked off three huge sections, yet no one has messed with their spots, so clearly people respected the tape and the tarp.

"You said you've had the same exact spot fives years in a row, how'd you get that?," we asked Dennis McGee. "Well we got down here at 6:05 yesterday morning, the way I understand the wall was taken by 7:30pm."

McGee missed the first year but has never missed since.

"Is it still exciting for you?," we asked. "Yes it is," McGee said. "I've raised a family of fireworks addicts I guess you would call us we come down here every year."

"Was your blanket here how long?," we asked, lying on the ground next to Joanie White of Circleville, OH. "Oh, I just brought it up this morning." "Really?," we asked. "How'd you get such a good spot?" "luck!"

Richard and Diane Gable took a risk parking chairs between two taped-off spots in what they referred to as, the crack.

"You said you guys fell between the cracks here, is that bad politicking, being between the tape?," we asked. "Yeah," Gable said. "I don't know I guess it could be," he laughed.

It's one thing to find the best seats in the house, but the really good seats are close to the porta potties and in a sea of thousands of people, some might say those are the second best seats in the house.

"I would not even use the restroom in there but if it doesn't smell yet maybe if I had to," said Michelle Doughman. "I've seen you go in there so what do you think?," she asked. "It doesn't smell yet," I said. "Well maybe yet, so maybe we might have to," Doughman said. "It's still early though."

There was plenty of rock n' roll to keep people moving before the show. We got an earful of Rootbound out of Adams County, who had a fantastic set.

"What's in the cards for your game plan tonight?," we asked a Dawn Everett, who was playing cards to pass the time. "Lots of neat fireworks, can't wait to hear the boom boom boom," she laughed.

One viewer told us she watched a couple get engaged during the fireworks spectacular.  From there it was a long, slow crawl home for the half a million people who packed Yeatman's Cove.  Another fantastic show in the history books.

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