Hamilton Police use extra enforcement in school zone

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email
HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) -  Hamilton police are out in virtually every school zone Tuesday as students head back to class, and it's not just this first week, you can expect to see them the entire school year.
"They're having officers out at all of the elementary schools this year, to direct traffic to make sure it's safe," said Officer Richard Burkhardt of the Hamilton Police department.
In addition to directing traffic, they'll also be using their new mobile speed van, equip with several cameras that can take pictures of the license plate of speeding vehicles.

"It can go to any school zone, so what we're going to try and do is get the word out so that everybody's very careful this year, make sure they slow down, it's the start of the school year, just a little reminder,"  Burkhardt said.

They'll park the van in school zones like the one near Garfield Middle School that sits right next to busy Rt. 129.
"If you go over 29, you'll get a ticket in the mail," Burkhardt said.
An intersection  that's been a trouble spot before.
"The crossing guard here, he's had several close calls, we've had kids almost get hit in the morning coming to school, it's really dark in the winter," Burkhardt said.
District officials say extra enforcement is key for keeping their students safe.
"So, I think it's a learning pattern for everyone, whether they're walking or driving or riding a bus to get to school safely," Burkhardt said.
If you're issued a ticket by that mobile speed van, it will cost you $95.
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