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Grandmother fights council to keep dogs

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

SILVER GROVE, KY (FOX19)  - A Northern Kentucky grandmother faces a tough decision: give up four members of her family or go to jail.

Wanda Moran has six dogs that she considers members of her family. Silver Grove City Council voted Tuesday night that Moran has to give up some of the pets to comply with their two-dog limit.

Moran's dogs range in age from nine months to 13 years.

"They need me, but I need them," said Moran. "I'm telling you. I don't know what I'm going to do."

That's because Moran lives in Silver Grove which has a two-dog limit. On Tuesday morning, she gave four of her dogs to family and friends, but Moran promised to bring them back home hours later and face the consequences. City leaders promised to enforce the ordinance and make Moran pay either a $500 fine or spend 12-months in jail for every dog over the limit.

"Not my favorite thing," said Moran. "That's my biggest worry. Going to jail or losing my dogs."

The issue came to a head last spring after Moran's neighbor, owners of the Dari Bar, complained to the city about the noise.

"Wanda wants to keep her dogs and we just want it quiet," said Diane Ollberding, owner of the Dari Bar.

"All I wanted to do was get the dogs controlled," said John Ollberding, owner of the Dari Bar. "I had no idea this would have and that there was a two dog limit."

Earlier this week, Moran and the Ollberdings reached an agreement. If City Council allowed Moran to keep her dogs, a third party volunteered to build a privacy fence so Moran could keep all of her six dogs.

Dozens of other people said they now want the law changed. Neighbors, family and animal advocates protested outside Tuesday's City Council meeting, but it didn't help.

The emotional crowd packed the small City Hall. Residents and lawmakers went back and forth for nearly an hour on the issue. At one point, the local animal control officer stepped in and admitted fault. She told everyone that she had given the Morans a notice last year about the law. She said at that point, they had four dogs.

City Council voted that Moran has until January 1st to give up four dogs. Moran and her family say that's not an option.

"Take me to court," said Moran. "Take me to court because I'm not getting rid of them. They got a heart. They got a brain. They can feel pain. They can tell when I'm in pain. When I'm in pain, they're by me."

Moran said she plans to pick up four of her dogs Tuesday night after the meeting. Moran said the oldest, Chloe, was sick all day because of the separation. Moran said she's planning to either move or take town leaders to court. Moran has hired attorney Eric Deters.


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