Cincinnati Observatory's telescope fest

By Mark Shuller - Email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX 19) – It's that time again - time for the Cincinnati Observatory's annual, all-day, all-night Telescope Festival. The event will be held on Saturday, September 11, 2010 from 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm.

Dinner under the stars will be followed by a keynote lecture by one of the most famous and infamous astronomers in America. Dr. Mike Brown will be joining us to discuss his searches for the outermost objects in the solar system and his discovery of Eris (the object which dwarfs Pluto and eventually led to Pluto's demotion to dwarf planet status).

There will be displays, tours, solar viewing, telescope vendors, meteorites, kids activities, advice on buying and using telescopes, and door prizes. The schedule and admission prices are listed below:

12:00 pm-5:00 pm -- No reservations required. Admission is $6/adults, $4/kids.

6:00 pm-8:30 pm -- The dinner and lecture are $20/person ($10/person for just the lecture). Reservations are required by calling 513-321-5186.

9:00 pm-11:00 pm -- No reservations required. Admission is free with your ticket from either the daytime activities or the evening lecture. Otherwise the admission is $6/adults, $4/kids.

For more information please call: 513-321-5186.