Underground brewery tunnel revealed

OVER THE RHINE, OH (FOX19) - A brewery tunnel that had been shut off for more than 90 years was unveiled Thursday.

The tunnel is underneath Hamer Street in Over the Rhine. It was blocked off in 1919 when the Kauffman Brewery closed because of Prohibition. The tunnel travels 30 feet and was a connection from the lager cellar to the brew house.

The Husman Potato Chip factory moved in and didn't need it, so it remained sealed.

On Thursday, workers used a sledgehammer to knock down the bricks that sealed the tunnel. Christian Moerlein beer is now expected to take over the old Kauffman Brewery. The plan is to have the plant open by April.

"We'll have production hall, as well as a party hall, lager room all that you need to brew quality beer," said Greg Hardman, CEO of Christian Moerlein.

Christian Moerlein's brewery will be upstairs and the tunnels will be used for tours. The tours will begin next weekend in conjunction with Oktoberfest.

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