Coffee shop owner turns layoff into a success story

UNION TOWNSHIP (FOX 19) - In March, Kevin Pennington embarked on an adventure. One that he spends at least six days a week, 18 hours a day doing.

And, he loves it.

Pennington opened The Crazy Bean Cafe in Union Twp. just off Rt. 125. This investment comes after years for working at Proctor and Gamble. But last year, Pennington was part of layoffs and buyouts in corporate America.

He was at a crossroads, find another position within a big corporation, or something else.

"I took the savings that I had and decided to invest in myself instead of trying to go back into the same thing," Pennington says.

He says he picked a coffee shop because of advice he'd heard over the years. Sell something consumable that is a necessity for most people.

"Its become more of a community type of thing, than just selling coffee," Pennington said.

The Crazy Bean features 51 different coffees, free Internet and patio.

"The thing is you have to love what you are doing, you have to enjoy a certain aspect of that job, maybe not everything," he says.

The Crazy Bean features live music Saturdays.

For information you can visit their web site at Crazy Bean Cafe

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