Miami students remember , reflect on 9/11 attacks

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

OXFORD, OH (FOX19) - In small circles of just five to six people, students reflect and remember where they were nine years ago when the planes hit the World Trade Center.

"We turn on the TV, and see what's happening," said Miami Senior Jacob Mercer.
The annual event was organized by students  in an American Studies class, to make the remembrance a personal, more intimate experience for students.
"This opportunity today is a way for us to try and think and reflect and act, but also to listen and to hear how other people think about the legacy of September 11," said Asst. Professor Kelly Quinn.
Students say they appreciate the opportunity to talk instead of just listening.
"We all have our unique stories of where we were at the time," Mercer said.
"It helps some people deal with some pain and what not, and I think that's important in a relaxed environment," said Miami senior C.J. Mark.
For Mark, a Philadelphia native, the anniversary is particularly poignant -- the pilot flying the second plane that crashed was his neighbor.
"It just brings me be back to that family, and it makes me give them an email or a phone call every year, just to realize what they're going through," Mark said.
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