Neighborhood boundaries debate almost over

HYDE PARK, OH (FOX19) - A long dispute on the Community Boundaries Map in Cincinnati is almost over.

On Tuesday, a city council sub-committee motioned to go back to a pre-1997 map, which has bout 500 homes in Hyde Park, not Oakley.

It has been a big debate for the residents in those homes, and they are glad it's almost over.

"There is an identity when you ask where you go to school, they don't mean the college, they mean what neighborhood," said resident Charlie Desando. "That identifying that neighborhood is important to a lot and this gives clarity."

Hyde Park resident David Siegel was part of the Hyde Park community council ten years ago when the effort started. But there was so much to dig through, such as conflicting boundary maps dating back more than 100 years and lots of opinions.

He says only one has ever really mattered.

"The county auditor has always viewed it as Hyde Park and still continues to," said Siegel.

The move is not a victory for everyone. Oakley community council says the move takes away one-third of its land.

The motion passed returned the 500 homes in question to Hyde Park, but Oakley will keep a small parcel of land that is home to the Hyde Park country club.

"Boundaries that will be used by community councils, that's all it is, that's all it is and that's the only thing it impacts at this point," said vice-mayor Roxanne Qualls.

The motion will go before the full city council on Wednesday for a vote. Qualls says in general the council is in support of the motion and she expects it to be official.

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