Price Hill native hopes hotline will help cut down on crime

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email


CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)  - Neighbors in one Queen City community are standing up to crime. A Price Hill native has created a hotline that he hopes will help clean up city streets.

Neighbors tell FOX 19 they're sick and tired of the crime.

"The crime and stuff here is just crazy," said Jasmine Askins. "I'm young. My sister is young. We believe everybody should have a safe place to be."

Now, one man is taking steps to take back his neighborhood streets -- one tip at a time. Doyle Higgins, Sr. was born and raised in Price Hill.

"I grew up on State Avenue, and we're having major issues in Price Hill," said Higgins.

To solve that issue, he's created the "Tip & Problem Hotline." Price Hill residents can call it to report non-emergency issues and remain anonymous.

"Anything from people's grass is high, there's junk cars on the street, there's suspicious activity going on the street, a house might be dealing drugs, but we're not for sure," said Higgins. "We can call the police, but we don't want to waste the police officers' time."

The messages are saved on his computer using this little device called a Magic Jack. Doyle has already received three calls. He'll forward them to Price Hill block clubs and the appropriate city office.

"All over Price Hill, you got a bunch of eyes on you and people don't even know it."

The hotline number is: 513-223-6345.

Cincinnati police are not associated with the hotline. Higgins has taken on the burden himself. Police are worried about the liability issues he could face, but FOX 19 spoke with a number of Price Hill residents, and they were all behind Higgins' efforts.

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