Reds ratings soar, will attendance increase for final home stand?

By Rontina McCann – bio | email

CINCINNATI (FOX 19) -- Fox Sports Ohio (FSN) reports the highest ratings ever for Cincinnati Reds games during the month of September. FSN's Henry Ford, vice president and general manager, says nearly 100,000 Cincinnati households have tuned into games every night in September. This as the magic number continues to drop and October is becoming more of a reality every day.

But what about Great American Ball Park attendance?

Monday and Tuesday combined attendance was around 30,000 in a park that holds more than 40,000 people. Reds VP of ticket sales, John Davis, says sales are up compared to last Sept. by 8 percent. So even though you see a lot of red seats empty, the organization is seeing an improvement.

The only decline from 2008 or 2009 to 2010 season is the season ticket sales. Davis says walk-up sales are steady and historically attendance drops off in Sept. because that is when kids go back to school.

"We're looking for a come back and we're seeing people saying the want to get their tickets back," Davis says. Davis believes the hard times and recession impact the decision to renew. But as the economy improves those fans will be back.

It is important to point out, the fans are there. With the soaring TV ratings, web site interest, like the successful "Vote Votto" into the all-star game campaign, fans are linked with their team.

"It is really strong. You can go anywhere in the city right now and everyone knows what we did last night and what the Cards did last night," Davis says.

Like  at Incredible Creations Barber Shop and Hair Salon on Vine Street downtown. "This is what it is all about, supporting your team. They made it after all this time, now we gotta support them and show them we love them," John McQuiller says. McQuiller is a barber who is working on a client, while sporting a Reds hat and talking ball with the guys who come in the shop.

Master barber, Devan Johnson, puts the price of the "ball park experience" in perspective. "You spend about $30 going to the movies, you can go attend a Reds game for the same, go soak up the summer."

There are several ways to make your experience economical. For example, to save on parking, you can catch a ferry for $5 round-trip at JB Finns'/Hooters/Beer Cellar in Covington. Also across the river, Willie's has a $3 shuttle bus. If you take that, you get a $2 certificate to spend inside Willie's. Also, there are two dollar-concession stands inside the park. Hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, drinks, all a dollar. You can even bring food and drinks (non-alcoholic) inside the game.

Thursday afternoon the Reds have their final of four in a series with Arizona. Cincinnati returns to GABP Tuesday Sept. 28 for a series with Houston and Milwaukee.

If you want more information on what you can bring into the park, purchase tickets online or get playoff ticket information, visit Cincinnati Reds web site

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