Plans for second coming of Jesus statue underway

What's left of the 'King of Kings' statue in Monroe
What's left of the 'King of Kings' statue in Monroe

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

MONROE,OH (FOX19) - The old King of Kings statue of Jesus may have been destroyed by lightning, but a new one will soon be reborn, and pastors at Solid Rock Church will make a final decision on what that statue will look like in the coming weeks.

"It seemed to be really important to people's lives, they were proud of it," said Pastor Lawrence Bishop of Solid Rock Church in Monroe.
That's why Bishop says plans are in the works for a new giant Jesus to replace the old one, he says it will be just as big as the first 62 foot statue, but this one will have a different look.
"It will look different because it's from the ground up from the feet up to the head, and the arms outstretched like this," Bishop said.
Bishop says they had several submissions from across the country for a new design for the landmark sculpture.
"One has one hand outstretched, and the one that we prefer is the one that has both hand outstretched, so those are just little things we're working through right now," Bishop said.
Ultimately they're leaning towards a California designer, and fireproof material, of course, is a must.
"Possibly some kind of cast iron," Bishop said.
The new statue will be expensive to says the least -- ranging from $250,000 to $750,000 thousand, Bishop says their members, visitors and complete strangers are rallying for them to rebuild.
"Most of them, most all of them are saying please build it back," Bishop said.
Demolition of what's left of the current statue is set to start in about 30 days.
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