Attack of the Wiener Dog!

By Meghan Mongillo - bio | email

Is this ridiculous or what?
This morning I was reporting live on Fountain Square in Cincinnati on the opening festivities of Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, the 2nd largest Octoberfest in the world (behind only Munich!).  I got into the spirit by donning a German dirndl dress and a chicken hat, symbolic of the World's Largest Chicken Dance which takes place on Sunday.
Naturally, while wearing my dirndl and chicken hat I was assigned to interview Charlie, a dachshund wearing a hot dog bun costume, who happened to be the two-time defending champion of the annual wiener dog race.  So there I was, chatting with Charlie's owner, minutes before going live on the FOX19 morning news, when Charlie transformed into Chuckie the Terrible.  It turns out that Chuckie the Terrible likes fingers, so much so that when he bit mine he wouldn't let go for what seemed like an eternity but was actually more like 5 seconds.  Here's the damage.  You can see his tooth mark and how he ripped off the skin.

The Show Must Go On! 

The skin on my finger was mangled, but Sheila and Rob had just started the intro for my live shot.  I started my live shot talking about the Oktoberfest events with my finger still dripping blood.  Halfway throught the shot, when we cut away to a screen showing the weekend's events, Dale, my resourceful cameraman, quickly tossed me a napkin to wrap around my bleeding finger.
Interview with the Vampire

My next live shot was 30 minutes later, and I was scheduled to interview Charlie and his owner, Cherie.  Believe me that I made Cherie hold Charlie as far away from me as possible and I didn't get the microphone anywhere close to him.  And so that's how I came to be wearing a drindl and a chicken hat, with a heavily bandaged finger, interviewing a champion wiener dog in a hot dog bun costume, minutes after he had held me in a death grip.  In Charlie's defense, I was told he was a rescue dog and is very protective.  (The picture below is NOT Charile, but an example of what he looked like while dressed in the hot dog costume.) 

Urgent care visit
After my reporting was done, I headed to an urgent care facility where I got antibiotics, a new bandage, and a tetanus shot.  The 2010 Running of the Wieners went on as scheduled, but Charlie was dethroned.  Justice is served!
p.s. Cherie was very apologetic and offered to pay for my medical bills and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce sent me flowers.