Iron Horsemen call Cincinnati home

By Brad Underwood – bio | email

CALIFORNIA, OH (FOX 19) – The Iron Horsemen Motorcycle club has called Cincinnati home turf since the 1960's and for the last ten years the MC's clubhouse has set along the Ohio River in the small town of California. While some may be familiar with the mission of motorcycle clubs, others are unclear who they are and what they do.

Attorney Mike Schulkens represents the Iron Horsemen nation wide

"They have their own organizational structure, their own rituals, their own membership rules...a very structured kind of group," said Schulkens.

Since the 1960's, the Iron Horsemen MC has donated time to charity, but Schulkens says club members live private, non mainstream lives.

"They are very proud of who they are, and not ashamed, don't think they are do anything wrong," said Schulkens

Ron Sailing has lived next to the iron horsemen clubhouse for the last ten years, and says he has never had a problem with the MC

"They don't bother nothing. They party all the time and have a good time...they don't bother anybody here in California, it's the perfect neighbors you know," said Sailing.

The iron horsemen have charters in 11 other states, currently the club has an average membership here in Cincinnati.

A non member, but friend of the iron horsemen showed up in court this morning to support a member facing weapons charges after the shooting.

"They're not a gang, they're a club, They are a family," said Remo. "I consider myself an extended part of that family just coming down to show support for someone who would show it for me if need be and he's helped me out before."

Remo did not give a last name. His friend, Lew Erskine has been released on his own recognizance.

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