FOX19 EXCLUSIVE: Former Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club president defends members

GOLF MANOR, OH (FOX19) - Fifteen years ago, Greg Auterson made the news when he was charged with holding his girlfriend hostage.

It took the SWAT team to get him out of his house, and it came out during the investigation that he had a long association with the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club.

"It was really misconstrued. My ex-wife's father had called the chief of police down here and said that his daughter had been kidnapped by an outlaw motorcyclist," said Auterson. He said the charges were later dropped.

Auterson says he once served as president of the Iron Horsemen.

"The horseman ain't never been ones to open fire on police, you know," said Auterson.

Auterson says the Cincinnati chapter of the Iron Horsemen has mostly been about more than violence.

"We all had jobs, and it was like after work everybody would meet at the bar, shoot pool, and work on our bikes together, and hang out," says Auterson.

Auterson also said he'd been to JD's Honky Tonk Bar before.

"Good food, good people, nice atmosphere. People get off work and, well it's like most of the old bars that we used to hang out at," says Auterson.

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