Witness to police and biker shooting caught in the crossfire

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A Northern Kentucky teacher and his sons were having dinner at JD's Honky Tonk Saturday night, having been invited by the owner, when they suddenly found themselves in the middle of a police shootout.

According to Dan Shearer's attorney, Will Wilhoit, Shearer's dinner was interrupted by a bar patron, warning of what was going on just outside.

"He yelled 'it was a gang fight!' He didn't yell 'the police are here!', he didn't yell 'the police and bikers are fighting!' he yelled it was a gang fight," according to Shearer's attorney.

Wilhoit says Shearer threw his two sons under a table for cover, and when the gunfire stopped, Shearer and his sons were taken into custody and questioned before being released.

Wilhoit says Cincinnati Police provoked violence with innocent bystanders around Saturday night and he wants to know why.

When FOX19 contacted Fraternal Order of Police, President Kathy Harrell told us she was unhappy with the way the media was reporting the story and hung up the phone.

Minutes later she talked to 700WLW's Bill Cunningham, telling him officers went in 14 deep, and despite masks, were obviously police officers.

"They knew we were the police there's never a question about the fact they knew we were police...there's no outrage over the fact that there was a meeting of an outlaw motorcycle gang that ambushed Cincinnati Police," Harrell said on the show.

Harrell also told Cunningham any wrong doing that's alleged will be investigated by the police department.

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