Residents on the lookout for black bear

Black Bear (File Photo)
Black Bear (File Photo)
 By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email
SYMMES TWP, OH (FOX19) - The signs are clearly posted in Symmes Township -- beware of the black bear.
"I heard that there's a small bear roaming around in the Meade property, and everybody's been on the look out for it," said Township resident Tom Wilkinson.
Township officials say as late as Sunday morning the black bear was spotted near the construction site on the Meade property.
"About 9 a.m. somebody saw in the bucket of a back hoe where we're building a log cabin," said Gerald Beckman, Symmes Twp. administrator.
Beckman says there's been several sightings over the past month, but they've yet to confirm any of those sightings.
"The description was black bear, when it stood on its hind legs about 3.5 feet, they just saw what they though was a black bear walking across the road into our park area," Beckman said.
They've now posted warning signs around the park area warning residents not to approach the bear but rather call police, Beckman says at this point they're just in wait and see mode
"We're really not going to take any action unless he's becoming a nuisance, he's either a danger to himself or somebody else, or some body's property," Beckman said.
Wilkerson is still brave enough to walk in the park, he says his dog is his personal bodyguard to fight off the bear.
"It's a small bear so, I'm pretty safe I have my dog to protect me," Wilkinson said.
Township officials will meet Tuesday to further discuss their options on how to handle the bear.
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