Update on father son shooting in Walnut Hills

James and Jarenta Reed
James and Jarenta Reed

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WALNUT HILLS, OH (FOX19) - There are still more questions than answers in the deaths of a local father and his 14-year-old son. Both of them were shot to death over the weekend in their car.

Investigators said they have very little information to offer right now. But they are hopeful new details will shake out, especially if anyone saw three men fleeing the neighborhood, one who was being pushed in a wheelchair.

Monday's rain may have extinguished the flames in the candles, lit in memory of 14-year-old Jarenta Reed and his father, 40-year-old James Reed.

But that is not stopping the family from pleading for anyone to step forward with information.

"I don't know why," said Sylvia Thomas, Jarenta's aunt. "I don't know who."

But Thomas said she is determined to find out who shot and killed her nephew Saturday night. Police said the car was in "park" and still running on Rammelsburg Street in Walnut Hills.

Marcus Allen said his son had seen Jarenta and his father in the front passenger seat of the car, slumped over.

"It looked like a bullet shot had went through the windshield," Allen said. "I walked around to the driver's side and the driver's side door was open, he was slumped over leaning toward the passenger in the same direction."

Monday, someone spray-painted red, "rest-in-peace" graffiti along the sidewalk in front of a makeshift memorial to Jarenta and his father, and on the abandoned buildings behind.

Several big questions remain unanswered.

"Why, why, you know," Thomas asked. "Why?"

And what were Jarenta and his father doing on this one-way street, where nearly every house we could see, is boarded-up with the glass in the upper windows blown out.

"Like why?" a woman sobbed. "He a baby!"

Sunday, family members and friends gathered to pray and mourn a young life taken.

"He just started playing football for Chase," Thomas said. "He was an honor roll student, you know he was a good child, he just was spending time with his father."

Meantime, Marcus Allen thought the loud sounds he'd heard were kids playing.

"Popping-off firecrackers because they've been doing it over here since the Fourth of July," he said.

He saw three men run past his house in the shadows. They were people he'd never seen before.

"I saw them," Allen said. "I didn't see their faces, but I know that one, the first guy was skinny, about my height, the guy in a wheelchair was brown-skinned, kind of husky, and the dude behind him pushing him was a dark-skinned guy that was really thin."

Those brief descriptions of those three men running through the neighborhood, two skinny guys and one of them, a husky male being pushed-away quickly in a wheelchair. That's all police have to go on right now.

They're asking anyone who may have seen or heard anything suspicious to call Crimestoppers at 352-3040.

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