Judge orders owners to stop dismantlement of Gamble house

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A United States District Court judge has ordered the owners of the historic Gamble house to stop removing items from the home.

Chief Judge Susan Dlott filed the motion on Tuesday after a conference call that addressed the recent removal of various items from the home, including wood moldings, stained glass windows and doors.

The house has been under controversy since the home's current owners, the Greenacres Foundation, said they wanted to tear down the former home of P&G heir James N. Gamble because it is too expensive to maintain.

Cincinnati City Council awarded the home historical designation in May, meaning it will be made a landmark instead of being town down. The Greenacres Foundation has filed a motion to remand, which is still under review.

Judge Dlott ordered that nothing else be removed from the home without prior approval by the court. She also ordered that, "as of October 1, all structural items that have been removed from the home, including windows and doors, must be returned to the house and restored to the condition in which they were found prior to removal."

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