Reds fans watch the clinch on Fountain Square

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati was electric Tuesday night, waiting for a Reds win and a clinch for the division.

Fans at Fountain Square were cheering all night, glued to the giant monitor and hoping to clinch it big time.

Lifelong fans Mike and Mike Kyle.

"We've been there," Kyle, Sr. said, "We've been to all the games."

They made this a father and son night out.

"Got your Reds jersey on right there and it looks like you guys have scored probably the best table, 'The front row'," Kyle said. "We wanted the front row babe."

They grabbed a table, front and center at Fountain Square to watch their beloved Reds.

"Everybody clap their hands," Kyle said and made several claps. "right?," he laughed at his impromptu cheer.

They've got their very own Reds cheer, even if it was just made-up.

"Everybody clap their hands," father and son clapped now. "And that is the official Reds cheer?," we asked. "That's ours, if you can come up with something better, we're here," Kyle said.

"I'm proud of them this year though," Kyle, Jr. said. "They've done everything that it takes to get there and hopefully their pitching keeps it up."

"Cuban missile," said the elder Kyle and clapped again. "Cuban missile! How bout Votto? MVP!!!" he clapped again. "It sounds like your cheer is interchangeable depending on the subject," we said. "exactly," he said. "Exactly! Hey!"

And what was this we spied? We found a lone Astros fan, John Heffer, in-town for an elevator convention with his buddy, Gregg Hughes, who was wearing his Pittsburgh Pirates shirt.

"Unlike the cow though," Heffer laughed. "I've heard all the jokes."

He and Hughes were meandering cautiously through Fountain Square.

"Are you having a cow that you're the lone Astros fan here on the fountain?," we asked. "Actually I've seen quite a few other Astros jerseys walking through downtown, you know, I know they're trying to be inconspicuous, but they're supporting the home team." "Are you wearing a flack jacket of any sorts under that shirt?," we asked. "I am not. I am not," he laughed. "But I do support my Houston Astros."

"I don't want to say anything, but the going rumor to the side is, Astros might get creamed!," we said. "They could, but they always come back," Heffer said,

We explained to Heffer, the Reds, early-in-the-season, trounced the Astros and how we celebrate with fireworks every home run.

"It was really like your gift to us," we said. "That you helped us light the fireworks every other inning basically," we joked.

"Oh, perhaps," Heffer said. "But again, I go back to that clinch team that the Houston Astros are and they're gonna come back tonight and it's gonna be a great game."

And what a game it was. Reds: 3 Astros: 2 Final Score. Clinch!

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