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Student files lawsuit after being bullied multiple times

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - The parents of Susi Clark, a student at Fairfield High school, filed a lawsuit against the school, the student who bullied her and the students parents for bullying and failing to protect her.

The lawsuit is asking for compensatory and punitive damages.

Clark had reported that the bullying she endured was all over a boy that they both liked. Her fellow student continued to confront her and during a Halloween party last year, the student punched Clark in the forehead. She had to get nine stitches and the student was criminally charged. She was sentenced to community service.

The current lawsuit claims a temporary protection order which is filed by the court to protect Clark. The assaulting girl was allowed to come into her classes, threatened her in the lunchroom, parking lot and sporting events.

The lawsuit names the school district, the high school's principal assistant principal, the assaulting student and her parents as co-defendants.

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