Day care receives threatening letter

By Cory Stark – bio |email

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Thursday morning, The Middletown KinderCare location received the letter, that a KinderCare spokesperson calls very threatening.

The spokesperson says it's a similar letter that was a sent to a Kindercare location in Dayton, Oh. two weeks ago, referencing children dying in a 9-11 style attack.

Parent Jannsy Guevara said, "I am coming up to pick up the kids and I see the news cars and everything and I am like what is going on."

Jannsy Guevara received the shocking news when she picked up her kids from daycare. KinderCare staff told parents a threatening letter had been received.

A Kindercare Spokesperson wouldn't go into the details of the letter however says it is similar to the letter received by a Kindercare location in Dayton. That letter threatened a terrorist attack.

"I am worried but they reassured me in certain ways but the thought of it is still scary, I've got three kids," said Guevara.

KinderCare spokesperson Leslie Constans said after the recent threats against a Dayton location, the company has put extra safety precautions in place that will be in affect at the Middletown location indefinitely. Those precautions include a security guard on site at the center, suspending outdoor activities and KinderCare has updated the door codes.

Both Middletown Police and federal agents are investigating the case.