Police investigate possible meth lab

ROSELAWN (FOX19) - Police investigated a possible meth lab in Roselawn Sunday night.

Dispatchers say a landlord called police around 4:30 p.m. after finding chemicals in the apartment. The landlord told police he had not seen or heard from the tenant in over two months and he was going to evict him.

Police say a chemical was found but it was not used to make meth.

"Sometimes you see them in cars, they're mobile, sometimes they are out in the country, and every now and then we find them in the residential areas," said Lt. Bruce Hoffbauer with Cincinnati Police. "So, with these meth labs, I think people will go where ever they can get away with making their product."

A Cincinnati police lab team cleaned up the chemicals.

People living in the three other units of the building stayed with family and friends Sunday night.

Police are trying to track down the occupant of the building.

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