Cincinnati launches the enhanced recycling program

EVANSTON, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati residents will start seeing the benefits of recycling, as they launched its enhanced recycling program.

The program includes larger recycling carts, the ability to earn rewards for recycling through RecycleBank, and the move to every other week collection.

A press conference was held Tuesday, Oct. 5 at Anwood Park with Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, along with the Office of Environmental Quality, Rumpke Recycling, Cascade Engineering, RecycleBank, and Procter & Gamble's Future Friendly.

"We're proud to further the City's commitment to environmental quality and unveil this enhanced recycling program," Mayor Mallory said. "People are looking for creative and new ways to become more 'green' in their everyday lives. The larger recycling carts allow for more recycling, make it easier to get recyclables to the curb, and the lid helps prevent litter. Every-other-week collection is expected to save the City money, and residents will be rewarded for how much they recycle through RecycleBank."