Police increase patrols in Corryville

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - As dusk fell on the short Vine business district Tuesday night, there were almost as many police out as people.

That was something not unnoticed by the people who work in the district.

"Anywhere after dark around here is kind of weird," said Lauren Duba.

Duba said this night especially had her on edge. It was just one day after two robbers shot 25-year-old James Barnes twice in the back of the neck as they held up Barnes and his wife, Mahogany.

"It was just random and it could happen to anyone and that's what makes me nervous about it," said Duba.

Cincinnati police were making their presence known in the neighborhood. For example, they pulled over a man who cracked open a beer on the street and arrested him.  It was just one instance of a increase in efforts to keep people in Corryville safe. But even the patrols couldn't damper the fear.

"I'm not leaving after it gets dark, by myself. So, we have a couple of guys that work here and if I have to leave, they are coming with me," said Key York, who works in the district.

"I parked right in front of the shop tonight, because I didn't want to have to walk around the corner to our driveway," added her friend Lauren.

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