Officer cleared of criminal charges in homeless woman's death

Officer Marty Polk
Officer Marty Polk

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Police officer who ran over and killed a homeless woman was cleared of criminal charges Wednesday.

Officer Marty Polk's attorney, Mike Allen, told FOX19 that a special prosecutor investigating the incident has ruled that there was no criminal negligence when Officer Polk's cruiser ran over a sleeping Joann Burton in Washington Park on July 27.

Officer Polk had been cleared of felony charges last month.

The Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless released a statement expressing disappointment in the decision.

"if any other citizen were to drive his or her car off a path created for it, and kill somebody else that individual would certainly be charged with a felony, much less a misdemeanor," the statement read. "The Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless is outraged by this decision. Citizens know that killing is a crime, and the city must act accordingly."

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