Party safely and get home safely

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Even though the Reds couldn't pull-out game one, there were plenty of Reds fans partying the night away.

There are several things to keep in mind, to keep you safe, before you step out and get your party on.

Bar owners we talked with said they've got to be extra vigilant when serving anyone. There is a campus rape still unsolved from last May, involving a female student, who had so much to drink, she could not remember her attacker.

And the person of interest in the case is still out there. It should be a wake-up call to anyone, male or female, who's out celebrating.

Police said you need to have a plan in-place, to protect yourself, before you take even one drink, because you never know who's watching you potentially lose control.

A female rape victim is still a student at UC and her rape kit made at least one thing clear.

"Well, it showed that there was sexual intercourse and she's passed out," said UC Police Chief Gene Ferrara, "So she's not capable of giving consent, that makes it a rape under the state statutes in Ohio."

What little information police do have, came from friends who saw her leave The Holy Grail on the "Short Vine" last May, with someone she casually knew.

"Does she remember that that guy actually helped walk her home?," we asked. "She has basically no memory of what happened that night," Ferrara said.

Only thing she knew for sure was, that she woke-up in a stairwell off the Calhoun garage on UC's campus. That just reinforces Freshman Alyssa Heydorn's need to stay alert, especially after what happened Tuesday.

"My roommate got robbed actually," Heydorn said. "Some guys ran up and stole her wallet and ran away."

And it happened in the same garage where the rape victim woke up in the stairwell. Alyssa said she never goes out alone.

"I don't drink," she said. "So I would be the one who would drive people around actually."

Up the block at Martino's, Tricia and Dan Barraza, brother and sister, catch the Reds game together.

"Actually when we come out with a group," Dan Barraza said. "We're actually just pretty responsible so."

They look after each other.

"My boyfriend doesn't drink at all," said his sister Tricia Barraza. "So he's always the one that's designated."

Martino's owner Marty Angiulli said underage drinkers do something he has no control over.

"They power drink!," he said. Before going out, so they have to be extra careful when serving anyone.

"If it's a female, a young girl, my family makes sure that they don't leave by themselves," Angiulli said. "Even if they're not drunk, we try to make sure that they leave in pairs, 3, 4, 5. No matter where you go in any city, you don't want to walk by yourself."

"Oh absolutely," Randon Rose said. "We usually will take a taxi over and back to wherever we're going."

"Who's in-charge of keeping you safe while you're having fun?," we asked Freshman Tyler Bertram. "Usually me," he said. "Because I'm very responsible."

Police said you should never try to walk home alone, no matter how short the distance, go with a group.

Campus Police did take a DNA sample from that "person of interest", but there was nothing to match it to. The victim had showered before calling police and cannot remember leaving with him.

Police are talking with the Hamilton Count Prosecutor's Office right now to see if they have enough evidence to charge him with her rape.

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