UC, city police work together to solve Corryville shooting

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)  - Both University of Cincinnati police and Cincinnati police have increased patrols after Monday's shooting in Corryville.

25-year old James Barnes was shot in the back of the neck twice on Glendora Avenue. Police said Barnes was out running errands with his wife. The two have been married for about a month. Barnes survived, but doctors now believe he's paralyzed.

Police have little to go on, but now believe the incident wasn't random. Officers have now characterized the incident as a robbery and not a felonious assault, as previously thought.

"What we've seen to this point, that I can discuss with the media, would indicate that there was obviously a targeting of this specific individual," said Lt. Col. Vince Demasi of Cincinnati Police.

Demasi said he's not sure why the gunmen targeted the couple. He said Barnes is cooperating, but it's difficult to gain information from him because of his injuries.

Police are still searching for the two gunmen behind the shooting. Officers are looking for a late model, brown, General Motors vehicle, possibly an Oldsmobile or Buick.

In the meantime, Cincinnati and University officers are banding together. At a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, leaders from both agencies announced a number of changes, including having city and University officers patrol together in one car. It's part of a program that's been in place for about a year.

"We actually saw a drop in street robberies of 26-percent in the uptown area of where that car was deployed," said UC Police Chief Gene Ferrara. "We're hopeful that by doubling that effort we can have an impact on it again."

Law enforcement said the incident is especially troubling considering crime has recently dropped by more than 33-percent in the neighborhoods surrounding the school.

"Over the past several years, we have seen a reduction in these offenses," said Cincinnati Police Capt. Eliot Isaac. "We're not dealing with a spike in robberies. Yes, it's a problem. It's something that we continue to focus on."

Police now plan to double the new partner program by putting another "partner car" on the street by the end of this week. Cincinnati police also plan to add more undercover operatives, pair homicide detectives with patrol officers and University officers, and redeploy the Vortex Unit. Police tell FOX19 the changes will remain in place until the problem is resolved.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crimestoppers: 513-352-3040. 

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