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Police look for man accused of exposing self to kids at bus stop

Anthony Burbanks (Source: Cincinnati Police) Anthony Burbanks (Source: Cincinnati Police)

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Police are looking for a man they said who has been exposing himself to young people and that he's done it so many times, they're calling him a serial flasher.

"I was watching him trying to figure out what he was doing, he turned around and did a performance on himself so I could watch him," said a West End woman in disgust.

The most recent flashing happened at a bus stop on Hopkins Street in the West End.

Anthony Burbanks, 24, is on the run. Police have arrested him before, but said each time he's made bond and gotten out, because exposing one's self is such a low misdemeanor offense.

Police said he never shows-up for court, so there are multiple warrants out for his arrest and that his latest flashing happened only a few doors down from the Visions Community Services Daycare Center.

"Mr. Burbanks is basically a frequent flyer with the Cincinnati Police Department," said Lieutenant Michael John, who is the Investigative Unit Commander for District One. "He's got multiple arrests, public indecency seems to be a pattern of conduct with this individual."

We interviewed a woman, who did not want to be identified, but she was the one who called police after she said Burbanks exposed himself to her and then her niece in two separate incidents, once in late September and the other October 1st, near the corner of Hopkins and John Streets.

"I was putting my son on the bus and he stood over across the street from me in the alleyway and I seen him doing something," she said.

"It's pretty nasty," Lieutenant John said. "He basically approaches people, he's exposing himself, he's masturbating."

"When he noticed that I was watching him, trying to figure out what he was doing," the woman said. She pointed to a small breezeway, where she said Burbank was lurking.

"He was standing right here when I first saw him," she said, as he emerged out of the shadows.

"He moved all the way out right here," she said pointing to an area close to the sidewalk. "And kept his private area out, looked around to see if anybody else was watching him but me. He turned around, did a performance on himself so I could watch him."

She called police, who quickly arrested him. The news alarmed her neighbor, Kimberly Trammer, who has four kids and was walking with her daughter Nia, who she said, she keeps at arms length.

"I keep her close and always be aware of your surroundings."

Down the street from the latest flashing incident, sits Visions Community Services and pre-school.

"Our children, our 3 and 4 year olds take walks in the neighborhood," said Marcia Simmons, who is Executive Director at the center. "Especially on nice days like today, they're well supervised with staff, but they are walking in the neighborhood."

We asked her how she explains something like this to a kid.

"We would say to them that the behavior was not appropriate," Simmons said. "We talk to our children a lot about how your body is your body and your hands belong only on your body and to respect other people's bodies."

"I have my niece, she's here with me for now," the woman said. "So I'm scared for her and my sons because I know it's a whole bunch of perverts out here."

This is one mom, who's not taking any chances when she takes her kids to the bus stop.

"But I make sure I'm out here every morning with my knife and my mace, so I'm ready."

There was a third flashing incident at Garfield Park, where police said Burbanks exposed himself to an 8-year-old boy.

Anthony Burbanks is 5-feet-7. He wears a black t-shirt and khaki pants. He has been known to stay with friends at a building at 400 West 9th Street.

Otherwise if you think you've seen Anthony Burbanks, call Cincinnati Police or CrimeStoppers at 352-3040.

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