Reds fans watch the playoffs on Fountain Square

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email|Facebook

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - If you weren't in Philly to watch the Reds "live", the next best place to view the game in CIncinnati was downtown on Fountain Square.

Fans were psyched to see their Reds back in-action and confident a win was in the air. And nothing like starting a big game with a big play.

"Phillips led off the game with a bomb," said Ron Howard. "We called it earlier in the day, said he's gonna lead it off, break the no-hitter streak right now."

"He hit a home run," said Patricia Hill with a huge smile on her face. "That's an awesome way to start the game, yes it is, yes it is, c'mon Cincinnati, c'mon baby!"

It didn't take a lot of coaxing to get a shout-out from excited plans to the players.

"Woooo!!! Reds! Go number 4!," yelled Adrienne Shipman and Shannon Mathis.

"They're gonna win, it's that simple!," Mathis said.

"I'm gonna go wherever the fans go," Shipman said.

And the fans came in droves to fountain square, where it was all eyes upward, to take it all in on the giant screen.

"Hey, they're gonna win this!," Hill shouted. "You sound very confident, yes I am, as confident as confidence can be! Cuz' they're gonna be just like the Bengals and the Bengals is gonna win this year too!"

You may remember our friends, the Kyles, the night the Reds clinched their division, and their rousing clap cheer.

They were back out supporting their beloved Reds Friday night.

Even tiny fans like Eva and Luke Pappano took a break from their cheese coneys to take in a few plays.

"Definitely brings the city together," said Andy Huddle. "It allows us to get together and watch the game, cheer together, get excited."

And those excited fans packed the square.The fans went bananas and so did some folks in the banana biz, from Chiquita, who were handing out banana socials, and smoothies and feeding hungry fans. Just like the sweet taste of victory.

"Very good!," said a Dayton woman, as she tried one of the banana socials, which was a slice of fresh banana on a Ritz cracker, with honey poured over it and a dash of cinnamon on top.

It was an absolutely beautiful night out to take the game in on the Square. There was also live music from several bands all night. So, if you were a baseball lover or a music lover, win or lose, it was a great night to be a Reds fan.

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