Mistaken identity: "Pacman" Jones handcuffed after game

Source: Cincinnati Bengals
Source: Cincinnati Bengals

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - An accident following Sunday's Bengals loss has a picture of Adam "Pacman" Jones in handcuffs on the sidewalk.

The website Bearcat Lair quoted a witnesses saying the car Jones was driving was forced off the roadway and onto the sidewalk where a pedestrian was struck.

Jones tells FOX19 that he and a passenger were in the car when his car was forced off the road but there was no collision between the vehicles and he did not strike a pedestrian.  He also tells FOX19 that he was taken from the location in a police car.

According to the website Profootballtalk.com Jones was cuffed for 45 minutes because police had a warrant for another man, also named Adam Jones.  They spoke to his agent Thomas Hunter.

According to the Bengals there was no pedestrian struck at the scene and Pac Man was released shortly after the picture was taken.  There were no charges filed.

The website posted a picture of who they say is Pacman sitting on the side of the road in handcuffs.

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