Big day for Cincinnati sports, events

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)----Enjoying the Reds in the plays and the Bengals at home took a lot of planning from sports fans.

"If you didn't get down here by 10am, most of the spots were filled up, so parkings been very tough since 10am," said Bengals tailgaiter Rob Towbridge.

Thousands of people flocked to downtown early, all with different ideas for the day.

"Most of us are going to the Reds game tonight so most of us are going to try and make sure that we get over on the Kentucky side, and then walk over, so that's what we are hoping to do," said Towbridge.

At Fountain Square, people came and stayed late. The famed city center was a mix of Reds and Bengals gear.

But alongside the fans also came the police, who also had a plan for Sunday's big events.

"We're got a lot of officers out just trying to patrol and make sure that the areas safe. We've got a number of measures in place for parking, and so forth. We're just trying to make sure that the people that come downtown have a good time and that everybody gets home safely," said Sgt. Danita Kilgore.