Anti Lakota levy signs being stolen

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LIBERTY TOWNSHIP (FOX19) - Anti Lakota Levy supporters say their signs began disappearing about two weeks ago.

The Butler County Sheriff's Department has cited two teenagers for allegedly stealing those signs. However the anti levy group says someone is still out there taking down their message.

"You have people in this community who have lost their jobs, you have people who have taken pay cuts, senior citizens are on fixed incomes," said Dan Varney, anti levy member. "It's not right for them to be forced out because they can't pay property tax."

Varney said over 100 signs have been taken from private property over the past two weeks. On October 7th, the Butler County Sheriff's Office cited two teenagers, 18 year old David Greene and a juvenile for stealing signs from a yard.

Lt. Mike Craft said, "They stated to the officer that they didn't have these signs and that they wanted to put them in their yard."

Varney says despite the citations, signs are still being taken down.

"We've lost more signs since those children were caught the other night. This past weekend we lost quite a few once again," said Varney.

David Greene was charged with criminal trespassing and theft. The juvenile is charged with complicity to theft.

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