Cincy Police apologize for cuffing Bengals' Adam Jones

Chief Streicher
Chief Streicher

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher issued a public apology to Bengals' cornerback Adam Jones after he was mistakenly handcuffed after Sunday's game.

"It's a mistake," said Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher. "It's not something I'm happy about, it's not something anybody's happy about and I doubt if anybody else, who was in Mr. Jones' shoes, they'd be happy about it either."

The misunderstanding took place about an hour and a half after the Bengals' disappointing loss against Tampa Bay, when police said Adam Jones swerved to miss another car and things just went downhill from there.

"Mr. Jones was not wanted for anything," Chief Streicher said. "There was no warrant attached to his car, there's no warrant attached to his name, the entire incident is an unfortunate mistake."

That was a conciliatory Chief Tom Streicher, apologizing for the mistaken cuffing of Jones.

"It's unfortunate," he said. "I've called and spoken to the Bengals about this, I've talked to both Coach Lewis as well as some front office people there."

Streicher said an officer was directing traffic at Second and Main.

"She heard tires squeal," he said.

Then that officer turned to see Adam Jones' car on the sidewalk. Police said people fell trying to get out of the way, as Jones swerved off the pavement.

"It wound up that no one was injured at that scene and it also wound up that there was not an auto accident there," Streicher said.

A police report states Jones was belligerent.

"If you look at the normal course of life with people," Streicher said, sympathizing with Jones. "I've got something aggravating me, all of the sudden my car's up on the sidewalk and I got the police standing there asking me for ID, great, what else can go wrong today?"

A crowd had gathered around the incident. The pressure from the noise and people increasing, as passers-by broke out their cell phones and began videotaping the scene.

The officer ran Jones' Georgia driver's license.

"This is a guess on my part," Streicher said. "But I would say to you the name Jones is a very, very common name and when the name Jones goes in, boom, things flash up, I'm sure there's more than one Adam Jones in the state of Ohio."

But, police admitted, it was the wrong Adam Jones.

"So what communications is telling the officer initially is that this person is wanted," Streicher said. "And then later comes back and says disregard, it is not on that person, it's on another person."

A picture FOX19 obtained from Cincinnati Sports 24-7, showed Jones in handcuffs.

"Unfortunately," Streicher said. "The officer did not hear communications state back to them, it's on a different person."

We asked the Chief if Jones was considering legal action against the department.

"I don't know if he is or not," Streicher said. "Online media sources say he's leaving it up to his agent and his attorney, and if they decide to file a claim or some type against or an action of some type against the city, so be it, so be it, and I'll say the same thing in court."

Chief Streicher was supposed to have a private conversation with Jones Monday night on his cell phone. He had given his personal number to Jones' agent and attorney.

No word yet on how that conversation went, but we suspect it included the words,'I'm sorry'."

Adam Jones was not available for comment Monday, but his agent Thomas Hunter told the website, "It was a stupid thing that deprived him of his liberty and embarrassed him and humiliated him in front of everybody," Hunter is quoted as saying.

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