Search for teen now almost a month

Paige Johnson
Paige Johnson

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19)--Donna Johnson's life revolves these days around posting up hundreds of flyers about her missing teen Paige. She's been missing for almost a month.

"It's very hard, to say the least," said Johnson. "I just pray that she is ok. And every day that goes by, it is getting harder and harder."

Paige's case is classified as a critical missing. Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders says as the days go by, his office is looking harder and harder at the possibility of something criminal. He says Paige seems to have vanished, and there are no credible sightings of her.

"That's something that's actually pretty tough to do, unless something unfortunate has happened to her, and we hope that's not the case, but we are taking every precaution," says Sanders.

While Paige's mother and friends have been out posting fires, Sanders and police have interviewed a number of witnesses about the teen. Sanders says at least one witness has stopped cooperating with police.

"Paige Johnson had no reason to disappear. She had job interviews coming up, she has a small child, she has lots of reasons to make contact," said Sanders.