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Documentary puts spotlight on national education system

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The nation's public school system will be in the spotlight in a new movie that is drawing attention and criticism.

'Waiting for Superman' hits theaters on Friday. It will be played at the Esquire theater in Clifton and at Newport on the Levee.

The documentary follows five students and their families as they try to get the best education. Flimmaker Davis Guggenheim delivers a no holds bar look at why the kids were let down.

The message of the movie is that the system is broken, but can be fixed. Every student has their own story of failure or success.

"I think they can do more all professors/teachers are different," said Aaricka Overstreet, a student at Cincinnati State. "Things work in some aspects."

"They made sure you understood what you were learning and what they were doing was more important than getting a paycheck," added Joseph Bethel, another Cincinnati State student.

Cincinnati State President O'dell Owens says the movie reflects what's going now in Cincinnati Public Schools - a struggle between administrators, teachers and the union.

"If it happens a 3rd party person decides the future of the children of Cincinnati and that's a failure," said Owens. "We want the two parties to come together to see elements of reform.

"We have to do things differently, give administrators flexibility," he added. "But at the same time have to respect the union when it comes down to class size and other issues."

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