Fundraiser held for third Ryan Widmer trial

LEBANON, Ohio (FOX19) - The people behind put together a fundraiser to raise money for a new trial for Ryan Widmer.

The website is hoping to raise about $5,000 for Widmer's third murder trial.

"That can pay for an expert witness, that can pay for all kinds of things," says Mollie Mihalik, organizer for the fundraiser. "The last two trials cost a total of half a million dollars...and we're still in the hole from that."

Widmer is accused of drowning his wife Sarah in August of 2008.

In his first trial, Widmer was convicted, but that conviction was overturned due to juror misconduct. His second trial ended in the hung jury.

Widmer's third trial is set for January 2011. Prosecutors are asking for a change of venue.

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