Students need help to get grant for school music program

ST. BERNARD, OH (FOX19) - Saint Clement students held a rally Sunday looking for support to earn a grant to help their school music program.

They are up for grants through the Clorox Power of the Bright Contest.

The school is currently 12th out of 1,500 schools for the big grant of $50,000. They are 3rd in the race for a grant of $20,000.

According to St. Clement's music teacher, the school does not have a budget so they don't have a lot of resources or financial means.

"We currently have no instruments, no resources, very few pieces of equipment," said teacher Tiffany Berting. "We have a handful of drums; the rest are made out of cardboard and tap, so we need supplies. We've been borrowing instruments and supplies for several years, and this would really change our lives."

Voting for the grants continue until Nov. 1 and voters can go to this website to vote.

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