Sheriff wants to sue Mexico

Sheriff Richard Jones
Sheriff Richard Jones

By Corey McConnell – bio | email

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones is looking for help in filing a lawsuit against the Mexican government.

Jones calls it a "novel idea," saying Mexico should help pay for the cost of jailing illegal immigrants and tracking drugs that come across the border.

"Why not seize their assets to help pay for the cost of jailing prisoners, the drugs coming across the border, murder and mayhem that's been caused by aliens coming to the U.S.," said Jones.

Jones, who took a trip to the Mexican border in May, says he and all other taxpayers are victims of the Mexican government.

"My resources are being used to combat the illegal drugs been going on in this country and crimes committed," he said.

Jones says in Butler County alone, it has cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in man hours, jail space and other costs to deal with illegal immigrants. The county deports 30 illegal immigrants a week.

"I've often said I wish I could deport some Americans," he said. "I don't need illegals coming here and committing crimes and pumping drugs into my community."

The sheriff says he won't actually file the suit until he finds an attorney to take the case pro bono.

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